Not So Drunk Swinger Pantyless Upskirts

These are a few selections for a set of pantyless upskirts I took of a not so drunk MILF at a swingers convention in New Orleans. So technically it’s not Mardi Gras and she probably isn’t drunk but she’s a MILF with a hot body and sweet smile and she’s definitely pantyless under that little skirt. Plus we get to see her tits, which are also very nice.

Twenty-first Century New Orleans history is divided into pre- and post-Katrina periods on a number of levels. The obvious is the damage to the city and the changes in population. More subtle is the damage to the Laissez les bons temps rouler spirit of public nudity along Bourbon Street. Before Katrina you could see drunk and naked women every warm weekend and there were always plenty of upskirts to be seen from the drunk girls on the balconies. After Katrina, some of the better clubs didn’t reopen and I think the city fathers made a conscious decision to “clean things up” for families. Consequently, even Mardi Gras isn’t its same drunken and debauched self any longer and nakedness and upskirts any other time of the year are rare sightings.

So why the history lesson? These pictures were taken at a swingers convention takeover of a hotel on Bourbon a couple of years before Katrina. They had a big party going on inside and would occasionally come outside for air and to work the crowd. It was a very high balcony and it was very dark so I didn’t even know that this woman was pantyless at first. I just saw the upskirt opportunities and blasted away and only saw her bare pussy after I enlarged the shots on my camera screen. She obviously knew that she was pantyless under her very short skirt but I don’t think she ever imagined that I would be able to get these kinds of upskirt pictures, drunk or not.

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Ripped Pink Panties Spring Break Drunk Upskirt

These are some drunk upskirts of a spring break party girl who’s wearing some really big pink panties. The things are just fucking huge and they have a big rip across the right butt cheek, both of which characteristics got me thinking about how women choose the panties they’re going to wear. The easiest decision is, of course, no decision and to just but day-of-the-week panties and wear them as labeled. If you wan to feel naughty on Saturday night you can wear Sunday’s panties instead.

But this is different, the girl in these spring break drunk upskirts went through some sort of conscious decision making process to put on these big pink panties. And they are big, butt-covering, wide crotch, high waisted panties. I think the white cotton granny panties I showed you earlier are actually smaller than these. They look like something her mother would have bought for her in junior high school. Most girls who know they’ll be putting on an upskirt show either wear thongs for maximum exposure or boy shorts if they’re modest and want to cover up. Maybe it was the end of the week and this girl didn’t have anything else to wear.

And then there’s the matter of the big rip across her right butt cheek, which you can see in the last picture. I know for a fact after thousands of observations that spring break girls, even drunk ones, don’t wear old panties with rips or holes. They just don’t. One possible explanation is that she was drinking on a guy so hard that her panties ripped. That’s some grinding there. Or maybe I’m completely wrong about all my theories about this girl’s drunk upskirt panties. Maybe she was just too drunk to notice or care what she wore.

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Drunk Upskirt of a Body-Painted Biker MILF

The title of this post is quite a mouthful, isn’t it? “Drunk Upskirt of a Body-Painted Biker MILF” And it isn’t even all of it because we need to add “in sheer white panties with a wet spot,” if we want to be fully description of these drunk upskirt pictures. Just like I told you in my post about the “pantiless upskirts of a topless biker babe on top of a toterhome,” weird combinations of shit happen at biker parties. Good shit, definitely, but some weird combinations.

Like the fact that this woman here is in a body paint contest. Not necessarily the most artistic or complex body paint but actually best job of arousing the crown to applaud for your body paint. But that’s what pretty much all biker party contests are about, getting naked and showing off for the crowd. The first time a wet t-shirt contest winner at a biker party is still wearing the shirt at the end will be the first time.

So, in addition to seeing this MILF’s obviously natural boobs and drunk upskirts of her tight butt in white lacy panties we get to see something else in the last picture. Yes, a little wet spot in the crotch of those white panties. Maybe she was excited about all of us seeing those panties up her skirt. Maybe she was excited about being on stage or maybe she was excited about something completely different. I don’t know or really care. What I do care is that these are some great drunk upskirt pictures of a body-pained biker MILF with a wet spot in her panties. Say that three times as fast as you can.

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Drunk Upskirt at Mardi Gras in Pink Granny Panties

I’ve told you before that I’m a sucker for upskirts of drunk girls in cotton granny panties. I previously posted a spring break drunk upskirt video of a girl in white granny panties and here’s a Mardi Gras drunk upskirt of a woman in light pink cotton grannies. I have no idea of what she’s drinking but I’d be concerned about anything with that much Red Dye #5 in it. I hope she didn’t have to explain that red tongue to any business colleagues.

She wasn’t showing anything while I watched her. No tits, ass pussy or intentional panty flashes. As a matter of fact, you can see by the way she’s holding those beads that she’s trying to get girls in the street below her balcony to flash theirs. Very few women at Mardi Gras wear big cotton granny panties like these. Even the ones who don’t plan to show them wear thongs or something fancy in order to feel sexy or naughty at Mardi Gras. And that pink skirt isn’t exactly sexy either. But she’s definitely drunk, because you don’t get a tongue that red with just one or two drinks, and showing us her panties up that pink skirt. So, I wonder, did she intentionally wear full coverage granny panties because she knew people would see up her skirt? Doubtful, because she could have just worn pants and not had any potential for panty displays. No, I think that this is just a nice conservatively dressed girl who got drunk and accidentally showed her upskirt granny panties to the world. I love drunk girls at Mardi Gras.

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Drunk Upskirt Spring Break College Girl

There is no better time and place for drunk upskirt opportunities than spring break. A couple cervezas, a few shots of tequila and pretty soon the inhibitions have disappeared and the shy girl is up on the stage trying to outdo her friends with drunk upskirts for the crowd. That’s exactly what happened with this girl. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she’s had a few that night. And you can also tell by the number of wristbands she’s wearing that she had been doing some partying that week. Her friends were up on stage, they were talking and soon enough she decided to put on a show for us.

By the way she moved you could tell that this was not the first time she’d done something like this. Unless she’d been doing a lot of dorm room practice with her boyfriend, she’s been on a few stages doing upskirts for the crowd before.

And she thought she knew exactly what she was showing to the crowd up her skirt and that something was limited to her pink thong. She didn’t even show us her tits, she just wanted to play it safe with the thong. Unfortunately for her, and lucky for all of the rest of us, there is one particular squatting position where even tight thongs tend to pull away from a girl’s pussy lips. And, like I said, with compounded luck she did that very position right over my waiting camera and what she thought was a thong upskirt shot turned out to be a bare pussy drunk upskirt opportunity for me. And you, as you can see in the last shot below. And the very best part is that she had absolutely no idea that she was showing her pussy, none at all.

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Biker Babe Drunk Pantiless and Topless Upskirts

This is a drunk pantiless upskirt picture set of a topless biker babe on top of a toterhome. Let’s stop for a moment and parse that second. Not for the grammar – this isn’t second grade, but for the content. A good looking topless woman wearing only a see through skirt and a cowboy hat, drunk and dancing on the roof of a big toter home. There’s no place other than an adult biker party that you can see this kind of shit and not be surprised.

Adult biker parties are great places for drunk upskirt shots. Even pantiless drunk upskirts. There’s always lots of drinking and women at these events seem to make a habit of leaving their underwear at home.

So I was walking around the campground well after midnight looking for a last few photo opps when I can upon the mob scene you see in the first picture. I saw the girl on top of the toterhome but didn’t really know what I had found because it was dark and the lights you see were glaring back down on the crowd. It was only after I took a couple of shots and lit up the scene with my flash that I really saw what I had found. I hung around and took at least fifty shots of this pantiless and topless drunk upskirt scene. These are a few of the best.

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Drunk Upskirt Squirting Pictures

These are some very rare drunk upskirt pictures of a woman squirting with her orgasms. No, she’s not peeing, she’s squirting. And yes, these squirting drunk upskirt shots were taken in the wild and are completely candid and not part of some kind of porn shoot.

So, here’s the story. I was at a big, wild adult biker party, the kind of event where lots of people are buzzed, if not completely drunk, all day and night. Just walking around the campground I found these three women willing to mess around with each other for my camera as you can see in the first picture. Then one of their husbands told me that one of the women squirted when she came and did I want to see it. I didn’t tell him it was a dumb question but it was and of course I said “yes.”

The guy just stuck his hand up the skirt of the drunk woman, who wasn’t wearing panties, and started to finger her pretty hard. And within a couple of minutes she started to squirt. Knowing that a drunk upskirt of a squirting woman was a very rare event, I asked him if he could do it again. He did and she squirted again. And again. And again. Four squirting sessions within about fifteen minutes. I’ve been to the same event a few more times but never seen them again so this may be a once in a lifetime drunk upskirt squirting upportunity.

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Drunk Upskirt Biker Babe Panty Showoff in Schoolgirl Skirt

Some people think the whole fad of adult women in short little Catholic schoolgirl skirts has been old and stale for some time. But not me or any other lover of upskirts and panties. And certainly not all the drunk women I see running around in little schoolgirl skirts at events like biker parties, Fantasy Fest and Mardi Gras. And I say thank God for some fads that refuse to die, because there’s no other single item of clothing that gives us upskirt perverts better drunk upskirt views than little plaid schoolgirl skirts.

Even better are the types of panties a lot of women wear under their schoolgirl skirts. You know that I’m a fan of white cotton panties and those are the most popular style I’ve seen up under those little skirts. Strangely enough, I tend to see older women wearing thongs under these little skirts and the younger ones wearing the full-butt cotton panties I like so much.

This little biker babe in her schoolgirl skirt is probably more of an exhibitionist than a subject of voyeurism up her skirt but I don’t care because she’s doing a great job of showing off her white cotton panties. Actually, I call her the “Showoff” because she was up there working the pole all night. She wasn’t there for money, she was just having a grand time showing her panties.

See more of the little showoff’s schoolgirl skirt and white cotton panties when you click on a THUMB. And click HERE to see the best in DRUNK UPSKIRT videos.

Schoolgirl skirt drunk upskirtSchoolgirl skirt drunk upskirtSchoolgirl skirt drunk upskirt

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Drunk Upskirt Denim Upshorts on Spring Break

Okay, we’ve seen a drunk upshorts of a MILF biker babe, now’s the time for one of a spring break partier. This one’s dancing on the stage, grinding her tight little ass stuffed into her Daisy Dukes into some random guy who’s trying to feel up her tits at the same time. Lucky bastard that he is, there’s much to be said about simply being in the right place at the right time when around drunk girls.

I think a lot of girls wear shorts when out partying like this because they’re afraid of showing their panties if they danced like this in a skirt. But when your shorts are as short as this girl’s are, upskirt or upshorts, either way we’re going to see those little pink panties when you spread your knees wide. Later on in the full video there are a couple of shots from the rear too.

I’m giving you the slo-mo highlights in this clip, sorry about the music but I made the mistake of letting someone else choose it. You can go HERE to see the full high-definition DRUNK UPSHORTS VIDEO of this girl and many more spring breakers.

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Drunk Upskirt Shake That White Panties Ass

Some of these drunk upskirt girls, especially the biker chicks, appear to know their way across a stage and around a brass pole waaaayyyy too well to be strictly amateurs. There’s something about the looks in their eyes, their facial expressions and the say they seem to know exactly how much they showing up their skirts that suggests they’ve had more than a few dollar bills stuffed in various places.

With the drunk spring break upskirt college girls it’s the ass shaking thing. It’s been thirty years sonce I’ve been in college but I still don’t think all girls know how to shake their asses like this chubby one I showed you earlier or the girl here in the white panties and the blue dress dancing on a stage. The ability to shake your ass faster than I can capture on normal speed video suggests either a freak of nature or an awful lot of practice. Whether she’s a vacationing pro or merely a dedicated amateur I love her tight ass and you already know what I think about white panties.

This is just a short low resolution sample of this girl’s sshaking ass and white panties. Click HERE to see the whole ass shaking high resolution DRUNK UPSKIRT video.

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