Drunk Upskirt Flowered Thong

I like pretty much the same kind of girl for both sex and upskirts. One with great energy and enthusiasm for giving me everything she has up her skirt. And being drunk doesn’t hurt for getting both up skirts and sex. And yes, I have occasionally gone home with one of the subjects of my videos but not very often and not this one.

This spring break drunk girl acted like she wanted to show everyone upskirts of her flower print thong. She spreads her legs as wide and as often to give us the best upskirt views and you can see that she even rolled up the hem of her skirt to make it easier to show us her thong up her skirt. I also like a girl who plans ahead.

This girl obviously had a great time showing her FLOWER PRINT THONG. See much more DRUNK UPSKIRT of her HERE. And remember it’s in HIGH DEF UPSKIRT VIDEO four times larger than this sample.

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Drunk Upskirt Grinding Girl in Blue Thong

This drunk Asian girl shows us a perfect upskirt of her blue thong as she grinds on a guy during spring break. I spent many years not going to clubs. Quiet little bars with good Scotch, yes, but dance clubs, no. I didn’t think I was missing anything. Thank God I found out how wrong I was.

During the time I was out of the clubs the girls had invented entire new ways to show up skirts. I had never seen grinding before until I accidentally went to Spring Break in Cancun in 2001. I have no problems at all with public displays of simulated sex if they include drunk spring break girls showing us upskirts like this one does of her little blue cotton thong.

You can see much more of this Asian girl’s blue cotton THONG UPSKIRT HERE. And in HIGH DEF UPSKIRT VIDEO, which is four times bigger than what you’re seeing now.

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Drunk Upskirt Wetspot On Black Thong

I normally don’t like upskirts of black panties or even black thongs unless there’s something extraordinary about them like a big hole or being pulled to the side to show some pussy lip. Or like a great big wetspot like in this drunk up skirt video of a spring break girl in a black thong. Black panties normally suck up light and make it very difficult to see any details.

But not in this drunk upskirt video. The stage at the spring break club was well lit to begin with and I also had a big light on my camera. And then this dancing girl spread her legs like pulling a part a chicken wishbone to show us an upskirt of her whole black thong. With a big wetspot in the middle. Obviously she was very excited about showing upskirts for the crowd because that wasn’t sweat.

You can see much more of this girl’s BLACK THONG WETSPOT and other DRUNK UPSKIRTS by clicking HERE. And remember that the videos there are HIGH DEF DRUNK UPSKIRT VIDEOS that are four times the size of what you see here.

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Mardi Gras Upskirts on Bourbon Street Balconies

When we’re talking about drunk upskirts we can’t leave out coverage of New Orleans Mardi Gras upskirts at the biggest and oldest drunken party of them all. I won’t go on about how Mardi Gras is a mere shadow of its former self after Katrina or how the Mardi Gras upskirt opportunities are a fraction of what they once were.

But there was a time during the late 1990′s and early 2000′s when Mardi Gras upskirts were plentiful and Bourbon Street upskirts were there for the taking pretty much any warm weekend night. It was during that time I met the regular Bourbon Street video gang: 5-i’s, GMan, Lowell the Light Man and a couple others. They were out there every night, mostly shooting tits but they wouldn’t turn down a balcony upskirt if it presented itself. All are gone from The Big Easy now but 5-i’s classic footage has been preserved and is available.

If you like what you see in this clip you can see more MARDI GRAS UPSKIRTS and general MARDI GRAS NAKEDNESS HERE.

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Drunk Upskirt on a Mechanical Bull

Drunk upskirts are all over the place during spring break. From wet t-shirt and thong contests to girls showing upskirts dancing in clubs to girls walking down the street, the up skirt opportunities are everywhere.

Mechanical bulls, like the one in the video clip below, are another fruitful place to see up skirts. If I was a club owner in a spring break area I’d bring in a mechanical bull to help me sell more beer. It starts off the normal way with guys buying beer for girls in miniskirts to get them drunk. The drunk girls then get on the mechanical bull and end up showing their panties up their skirts, which brings in more guys to watch and drink more beer and to buy more beer for the drunk girls so they ride the mechanical bull again to show more upskirt views.

Watch the drunk upskirt video of a girl in a red thong on a mechanical bull and then click HERE to see more DRUNK UPSKIRT, MECHANICAL BULL UPSKIRT and SPRING BREAK UPSKIRT videos.

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Clubbing Girls Drunk Upskirts

The question for lovers of drunk upskirts is, where do girls in miniskirts go to get drunk and dance? The answer,of course, is clubs. Where else would girls dressed for sex go to get drunk?

The great thing about many clubs for drunk upskirt lovers is that many of them have bars, stages, balconies, cages and other places specifically designed for drunk girls to show off their panties. That is, places raised above the crowd where drunk girls can show off their dancing skills.

If you live someplace warm like me, girls go out in short skirts and flash upskirt views all year round. But if you live someplace where it gets cold you need to spend your winter evenings admiring pictures like these or become and admirer of butts in tight pants.

Odds of sighting drunk upskirts are pretty good at pretty much any club on a warm night. But when it’s a club during spring break like in the pictures below, the drunk upskirt possibilities go to 100%.

Click her or on a picture to enjoy many, many more drunk upskirt pictures and videos.

Pink miniskirt drunk upskirt

Great black thong drunk girl upskirt picture

Pink and black thong drunk upskirt

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Fantasy Fest Bare Drunk Upskirt Under a Black Skirt

Fantasy Fest is one of the absolutely greatest places in the world for drunk upskirts. It’s better than any biker party, better than any wet t-shirt or thong contest in any bar, better than the Exotic Erotic Ball, better than even Mardi Gras for upskirts, it’s just the best place there is for drunk upskirts. And not just drunk upskirts either. Fantasy Fest is the world’s capital of bare pussy upskirts too.

So just what, when and where is Fantasy Fest for those few of you who may not know? Other than simply the greatest week of drunk upskirts and nearly naked women there is.

Fantasy Fest happens for ten days before Halloween in Key West, Florida, the southernmost point in the US. This year it’s October 22 – 31 2010. About 50,00 people show up each year for a week and a half of drunken partying in the streets and in Key West’s multitudinous bars and clubs. There are any number of official parties and events designed to help raise money for local charities and to collect more tourist dollars for Key West merchants.

But the drunk upskirt action happens in a few blocks of Duval street pretty much every night. Body painting is very, very big at Fantasy Fest and many great looking women get various body parts painted. Best of all, it’s still warm in Key West at that time of year so most people wear as few clothes as possible. That includes leaving panties at home as you can see from the woman in this video.

See many more drunk upskirts, with and without panties HERE. Also lots of body painted women too if that’s your thing.

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Drunk Upskirt of a Hot Biker Chick on Four-Wheeler

When you think of biker chicks or drunk biker chicks you don’t normally think of upskirts, do you? The stereotype biker chick look is black leather or dirty jeans and a doo rag. Maybe Daisy Dukes on a hot day. And there’s also the sanitized Hollywood version of a biker chick you can see and hear in Jo Dee Messina’s song of the same name. And of course, they’re all ugly, fat and old and you wouldn’t want to see an upskirt anyway.

Well guys, the stereotypes lie. I have year of experience in photographing biker chicks and some of the hottest women and best upskirts I’ve ever shot have been at biker parties. When you say “biker party” it’s an abbreviation for “biker beer drinking party.” And there are many hot looking young women running around. In skirts, because when it gets hot there’s nothing cooler than a miniskirt.

So, when you add together drunken hot looking women in miniskirts you always get drunk upskirts, biker party or no biker party. It’s just at biker parties that many of the drunk upskirt biker chicks don’t mind you looking and often help you see better. Like this one. She was definitely drunk at 2:00 in the afternoon and she told me that this was her first biker party. It may be true but with that look on her face I think she has a history as a performer somewhere. Maybe the kinda place that has brass poles from floor to ceiling.   So click on a thumb to see more of this hot biker chick’s drunk upskirt.

Drunk biker chick shows an up skirt panty viewDrunk upskirt spreads them wideBiker chick drunk upskirt from the rear

Continue reading

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White Thong Upskirt at Wet T-Shirt Contest

Wet T-Shirt Contests are one of my favorite places for drunk upskirts. Think about if for a minute guys and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Most Wet T-Shirt Contests are held on raised stages that give the right angle for upskirts. Most Wet-T contestants are young enough to be likely to wear short skirts. Most contestants are, of course, drunk as few sober girls would be in one. And these drunk girls are concentrating their limited mental capacities at showing their boobs to the crowd while forgetting about their skirts and panties. And finally, most contests require the girls to dance around and drunk girls dancing around raised stage while thinking about their tits end up flashing their panties up their skirts all the time.

So I’m probably the only guy at most Wet T-Shirt Contests who’s not looking at tits. No, I’m right there at the edge of the stage looking and shooting upskirts. It’s not that I don’t admire a nice set of boobs but I’d much rather see up skirts when given the choice.  So check out this video of a white thong drunk upskirt at a Wet T-Shirt Contest.


See more drunk upskirts

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The Patriot – A True American Drunk Upskirt

Hi, I’m Andy, or as some call me, Andyrazzi. Like a paparazzi, except I don’t look for celebrity upskirts, I look for drunk upskirts, candid upskirts and accidental upskirts.

The subject of today’s upskirt adventure is a girl I refer to as “The Patriot”. Jay and I were at an outdoor, daytime drunk fest – a perfect location for finding drunk upskirts, and “girls behaving badly”. This particular drunk upskirt fest took place in the late spring, and featured copious quantities of booze, music, and good looking women. Did I mention good looking drunk women? Right. Well, The Patriot was one of those good looking drunk women begging to be upskirted.

Initially, I didn’t pay too much attention to her, because her jean skirt was actually quite long. Nowhere near the ass cheek revealing, thigh exposing, easily upskirtable length that usually locks my attention like a crippled MiG on a F16′s targeting radar. I nabbed a couple shots of her early in the day while she was smoking that provided my eventual moniker for her:  she was wearing thong panties with an American flag on the front panel. Hence, she became “The Patriot” in the cryptic “code” that Jay and I speak while covering major events and tourist attractions, after all, we can hardly yell out to each other “holy chopsticks, ChinaMan, look at her panties”, or “holy hairy Hasidics, JewMan, hair pie thong upskirt dead ahead!”. (don’t bother leaving obnoxious comments, we really are minorities, and usually call each other by offensive terms – but all in good fun and spirit).  Anyway, I digress, back to “The Patriot” drunk Upskirt.

Quite a few hours had passed, and Jay and I had scored many other great upskirt photos of many other drunk girls sitting carelessly. And of course, tons of our prerequisite RealWorlds of short shorts, cameltoes and bra busting mondo boobs cleavage. I was standing near the stage, looking around when I was attacked in a very exotic and erotic way by a friendly, horny chubby girl – a light plumper if you will. Literally at the same moment, I looked down and noticed that “The Patriot” had just gone into a fetal position with her skirt hiked up to her sexy ass, and her patriotic thong panties nearly embedded in her shaved vagina.

Shit, what to do? It would have been insanely obvious if I’d suddenly crouched down in front of the chubby girl who was hitting on me and started upskirting “The Patriot”, and since there are also copious quantities of security officers at this drunk fest, I felt this would not be my wisest choice.

I frantically waved at Jay, who was perhaps 100ft away. He waved back at me, thinking I was being friendly. No, fuckstick, get over here now! Between my waving and gesturing, he finally got the idea I was not just being friendly, but I wanted him to get over to where I was ASAP. I shoved my camera – pre-configured for the shooting conditions – into his hands and told him to get on the job.

He gave me a blank stare – “whaaaa..???”. By this time I’m nearly beside myself – “The Patriot’s” vagina is nearly completely exposed – just a thin string of lace keeping the whole world from examining her “girl meat”, and my man Jay is looking around bewildered. I swear, I need to get him some glasses or something. “ChinaMan, her fucking vagina is showing” I yell in his ear over the thunder of the band on the PA system. “Who? Whaaa…?”, he’s still oblivious. FUCK!!!! “ChinaMan, FOLLOW my fucking eyes, ‘The Patriot’ only has a piece of string covering her fucking vagina. Fucking shoot it. My camera is set up. Just press the trigger, and FUCKING SHOOT!!! Go. Go. GO. GO NOW”.

How many amazing shots did we waste on that little exchange, I don’t know. But finally he was off. And like the psyco pit bull who just will not let go of the mutilated child in it’s jaws, Jay was tenaciously glued to “The Patriot” and her every drunken movement. At some point during his marathon session, “The Patriot’s” girl friend decided that “The Patriot” ought to sit up and drink some water. Well, of course this involved much struggling, and flailing of legs, meanwhile the poor skirt got hiked higher and higher until it was well above her ass. Our pit bull Jay’s tenacity paid off, because he delivered 65, count em, sixty FUCKING five shots of this epic vagina exposing drunk upskirt of “The Patriot”.

Sneakypedia – home of the world’s greatest accidental and drunk upskirts by Andyrazzi!

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